Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Today was my second day of work at The Mint, a business daily that's conveniently located close to Connaught Place, the main commercial district. So far, so good despite a few minor annoyances.

Work starts at 10 a.m. in India, which is a plus. The downside is that Saturday is a work day too. I leave my apartment by 9:30 and try to find an auto rickshaw to take me to work. Oftentimes, none of the drivers want to go to Connaught Place because of the heavy traffic, but chances are by the second or third rickshaw, someone will nod and say "get in." I played a game to see how many seconds of silence I could count before a horn would honk on the 25 minute ride to work. I couldn't get past three.

The Mint is on the 16th floor of the Hindustan Times building. By the time I arrive there's a long line waiting outside the elevators. It takes two or three elevator cycles before I'm allowed inside. In the reception area of The Mint, there are two security guards with a sign in sheet. I tell them, "I work here now." They don't understand. They make me fill out the sheet with my name, address, and purpose of visit. They make me sit in the reception area for 20 minutes and serve me tea as I try to make the case for entry into my cubicle. Eventually, an employee walks in to tell them I work here. Chances are, the guards will forget by tomorrow.

The actual work, on the other hand, has been fantastic so far. I basically get to write whatever I want with as much free tea as I please. My first article is about Craigslist in India and how it's being used by savvy India entrepreneurs to target expats for apartments, jobs, etc. . I'll post some articles on here soon.

I work tomorrow, despite Independence Day. While kids will be flying kites and parading around in green, orange and white, I'll be trying to get past security.


S Goldsmith said...

Next time try yelling at the guards. Get all up in their grills.

Barry.Petchesky said...

You're an American, damnit. You don't have to take that from sepoys.

Reena said...

hahaha! nice job drinking the water you're supposed to wash your hands with :) aand coughnaught place is awesome! you can buy 10 rupee earrings on the street! they have the best selection. esp when you go to the underground stores. make sure you bargin! they'll start at like 100, but you can totally get down to 10 :) it's mine and nishas favorite