Friday, August 31, 2007

one month down

It’s been nearly month since we arrived in Delhi. I can’t believe it! We’ve settled into a nice routine and have a relatively easy way of life compared to most living here.
Sure, things will break, the electricity will stop and people will snub you. But we’ve decided if you just wait the problem out, things will usually fix themselves.

Work is good. I’m going to be covering India fashion week in New Delhi, looking primarily for business trends in the industry. I didn’t choose this topic, but it sounds fun and different. Watch out, catwalk.

On Sunday we’re taking a trip to Gurgaon, a neighboring city about an hour away. It’s known for its tall corporate buildings, giant malls, and luxurious residential complexes—all sprinkled amongst extremely poor villages. We’re going for the malls, I think.

So far, no more lizards or rats. Just an occasional bug or two. Things are looking good.

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