Wednesday, August 8, 2007

a place to call home

Everything in Jangpura Extension is just a stone's throw away, says our 28-year-old realtor, Abhishek. He's right.

Our apartment is very different than when we were staying in Karol Bagh (see ratatouille). The streets are far less busy, most everyone speaks English, there are parks everywhere, and some dogs are even on leashes. We have restaurants, a market, bank and even a gym within walking distance. Work will be a 15 minute rickshaw ride away.

Our apartment in South Delhi is fantastic, sans the daily ant and mosquito massacres we must commit everyday (We've bombarded our house with incence, Hit spray and traps). We have air conditioning, hot water, satellite TV, and internet. We're actually moving to a bigger apartment with an outdoor terrace next week. It's just around the block from here.

The gym here is very interesting. Young boys are hired to rack and de-rack the weights for customers, and men mostly come to socialize. "Coach," who is dressed in the same wind pant suit everyday, comes around to help everyone. It's like having your very own personal trainer.

Ben and I hope to start work next Monday. But until then, it's mostly getting to know the neighborhood, eating delicious food and exploring Delhi. Pictures to come soon!


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Samantha said...

Looks awesome, I miss you!