Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Blog

I woke up at 4:30 this morning to watch the Super Bowl. It was totally worth it.

The only bummer was that the station that broadcast the game on Indian satellite TV didn't pick up the American commercials. Instead, I saw dozens of lame ads for cricket tournaments, Wrestlemania, an Indian life insurance company and the Dubai Horse Racing Carnival.

But what a game! Even though I hate Eli Manning (his snubbing of San Diego still rankles me), I admit that he played like a champ late in the game. And his spectacular play on that crucial pass to David Tyree on the last drive was legendary.

Aliyah woke up around 8 -- in time for the game's last few minutes. "What about the other Manning?" she said once it became clear the Giants would win. "Has he ever won a Super Bowl?"

"Yeah, Peyton won last year."

"Wow," Aliyah said. "That's so cool. That would be like if you won the Super Bowl one year and Aaron won it the next year."

What a game.


Jared said...

If I had to get a bunch of my friends together to play a game of football, I wouldn't know how many friends to get together, or how to begin.

S Goldsmith said...

i was there.

move back to new york.

Leslie said...

OK, has Aliyah SEEN you and Aaron play football???