Monday, May 5, 2008

Departure and Arrival

Because it's easier than a mass e-mail...

Family and friends,

We've been in India nearly a year, and while it's been a fantastic experience, we've begun to settle on plans for getting the heck out of here. We're leaving our perch in Delhi in mid-June, traveling around Nepal, Kashmir and north India until my one-year India visa expires July 8, then heading to southeast Asia where we'll spend a month or two exploring Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos.

We'll likely be returning to America in mid to late August. Where in America our final destination will be, well, we're not exactly sure. New York is probably most likely, but much depends on where we land jobs. (I hear the US economy is booming and the job market is full of lucrative opportunities. Especially in journalism, right?)

And yes, yes, I know we've been terrible about updating the blog in recent weeks. [Insert a good excuse here.]



Leslie said...

I want a tank top from Nam!

jason said...

Ty and I are looking for two likable servants to employ.....are you guys down?