Monday, August 25, 2008

America's ill

We're back.

Yes, after a swashbuckling year of rat-dodging, leech-fleeing, fish-mourning, strange-massage-receiving adventure in Asia, we've returned to the US. Everything is so clean and orderly here. The portions are gigantic. And I've yet to see a single amputee beggar here in the Pleasantville of a beach community that my parents call home.

And of course, we're sick as dogs (Indian dogs at least. American dogs appear shockingly well fed after our year in Asia). Aliyah's been fighting a fever that hit 104 the other night, and I'm quickly following suit. We're pretty sure our bodies are rejecting America.

And yes, we know, we've done a lousy job of keeping up the blog during our last couple months of traveling. Well hey, what do you expect? We were having too much fun.

With us back on American soil, this post will likely be the last on this blog. We'll keep it online for posterity, but no need to check back regularly for new posts. They're not coming.

Thanks to all for reading and keeping tabs on us this last year. We were always delighted to know our friends and family were interested in and amused with our adventure. Thanks.